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my healing journey


My personal journey of healing has been about understanding and exploring the dynamics of my inner world and the way it manifests in my external reality. 


After experiencing many challenging and traumatic events in my life that pushed me further into chaos and pain.  


I found myself on a path of self-destruction through heavy drug addiction and self-sabotage.  


I came to realise that the relationship I held with myself was influencing my relationships with others and the world around me.  


After hearing the call from within, it was time to STOP!  

I began exploring various healing modalities that enabled me to connect more deeply with myself.  


I felt completely lost and confused, yet the more I delved in and did the inner work, the more I began to feel like my authentic Self and I was able to gain clarity.  


My purpose has been to create a loving relationship with Self. Whilst learning to listen and develop my intuition. Trust and follow my inner guidance and then share it with others. 


The services I offer resonate from a true heart space. I enjoy being vulnerable and real with my clients to create connection, release shame and allow them to feel comfortable knowing they are not alone.  


I support authenticity and I encourage my clients to show up in the same way, no filter, just their beautiful and raw Self.  

If you feel guided to work with me, I invite you to reach out, I would love to connect with you. 


With love, 


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