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Embody your ultimate feminine expression, release control and cultivate deeper self trust.


Yinn is a transformative 7-week program designed to help you activate, empower and embody your most authentic feminine expression.


This is designed to help you navigate the depths of your true self, allowing you to share these parts of yourself wholeheartedly with the world around you. It will reprogram your current energetics and transform it into a new way of living.


A life that is more simple, open, authentic and loving, where you can speak from a place of loving-kindness. You are honouring your needs and boundaries, receiving love and support as result of your newfound power. This program is deeply rooted in self-love and self-care teachings that will allow you to take action on different aspects of your life.


Yinn will help transform and create more love, abundance, reciprocity, kindness and overall, all the beautiful things that you TRULY deserve in this human experience.


Yinn will assist you in releasing old patterns, belief systems that keep you stuck. Transform your current relationship dynamics with more love, authenticity and kindness. Learn to receive in a world that has continuously told us to give, give so much of ourselves and leave nothing left for us to receive.


This will help you to create more balance in giving and receiving.


Learn to receive, because you are worthy, just as you are.

Learn to receive, because you are enough, just as you are.

Become your true MAGNETIC SELF.


This program will assist you in releasing all fear, shame and guilt.

This course will allow you to soften, open, become more loving, gentle and express yourself with ease and effortlessness.


It will help you to become more attractive, not just to other people, but to YOURSELF. You will begin to embody the art of surrender, letting go, peace and ease.

The journey of Yinn will give you the ultimate spaciousness to focus on your needs, self and all that you need to understand and build the relationship with who you are, what you truly want/desire, what your needs are, how to express yourself.


It is one thing to learn the teachings, this program will help you to integrate and give you the practical application you desperately need.  


This program will help you:


  • Activate your self-worth, confidence, self-trust and self-respect  

  • Learn how to soften, become gentle, compassionate with yourself and others 

  • Learn how to nourish yourself on all levels 

  • Build a loving, nurturing and kind relationship with yourself and others 

  • Become self-aware 

  • Step into your power 

  • Learn how to listen to your own inner guidance and wisdom 

  • Help you build and develop your intuition  

  • Become your most attractive, abundant and MAGNETIC Self 

  • Embody true surrender, letting go, ease and flow 

  • Release resistance, controlling & fear-based behaviour  

  • Attract over chase 

  • Create soulful alignment in your life 

  • Develop patience and faith in divine timing 

  • Learn how to rest without fear, shame and guilt 

  • Create spaciousness in your life 

  • Learn how to stop over-giving  

  • Transform your giving and receiving nature into a balance of reciprocity  


Who is this course for?


  • Someone who is ready to let go of fear, shame and guilt 

  • If you’re constantly feeling anger, resentment, burnout and fatigue  

  • If you’re over the drama, chaos and conflict that arises in your daily life 

  • If you want to release resistance, controlling and fear-based behaviour 

  • If you want to release old patterns, limiting beliefs that keep you stuck 

  • Over givers who are ready to receive 

  • If you want to learn how to communicate lovingly and effectively to have your needs met 

  • If you want to learn about YOUR needs 

  • If you want to embody self-trust  

  • If you want to create more joy in your life 

  • You want to become your authentic self 

  • If you’re looking to transform your life because you know you deserve MORE 

  • If you want more ease, effortlessness and flow in your life 

  • If you want to deepen your relationship with yourself and with others 

  • If you want to become more magnetic and receptive 

  • If you want to create more sexual polarity in your current relationships 


These modules have been divinely channeled, and I have experienced and integrated each and every one of them wholeheartedly so I can assist you in your journey to cultivating your most authentic and powerful feminine expression.




Week 1: Connection + Intention Setting

Week 2: Energy Management + Surrender

Week 3: Cultivating Trust

Week 4: Inner Union

Week 5: The Art of Non-Attachment

Week 6: Heart-Centred Communication

Week 7: Activate Your Power & Open to Receive


You will receive...

  • x7 weekly - 1.5 hour group sessions with Natalie

  • Group Chat Support via WhatsApp

  • 24/7 Access to our VIP - Yinn Community Facebook page for further support, Q&A's, live streams, special offers + promotions

  • Journal + Pen

  • A loving, open, supportive sisterhood + community like no other you have experienced before


Join us, to cultivate more surrender, ease and flow... It's time to receive lover!


Only 12 spaces available, will you be one? x



Start Date: Saturday 26th March 2022

Completion: Saturday 7th May 2022

Time: 4pm

Location: Nature (location will be provided weekly in the Geelong/Coastal region)


Payment plans available, enquire within