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Below is a list of the services I provide. To make a booking please click the enquire button. 


If you're experiencing fatigue, low energy, heightened emotions or general feelings of stuck and stagnant energy, this session is for you! 


In this session you get to relax, unwind and allow me to work on your energy and physical body. 


I will be moving any energetic blocks or ailments that may be stuck in your auric field. 

This session will have essential oils, pease let me know if you are sensitive to any scents.

This is a non sexual service, all touch will be consensual and safe. 

$100 for 60 Minutes - in person 

$150 for 1hr 30 mins - in person 

CONNECT WITH ME!  - 1:1 empowerment session

If you’re experiencing deep emotions, confusion and unsure how to navigate and process your thoughts and feelings. Connect with me, during our time together we will journey into what is happening in your current situation. Creating a space for you to express yourself, feel safe, held, loved and supported. Intuitive guidance and support, coaching and empowerment tools to liberate yourself and find your centre again! 

$180 for 1 hour (zoom available)

$299 for 2 hours + reiki session (in person only)


Explore your relationship deeper and how your relationship dynamics work. 


This reading is suitable for all romantic, platonic, same sex, family and business relationships. 


The Relationship Analysis will provide: 

  • Insight on the energies that play out between you and your partner 

  • How you relate to each other emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually  

  • Insight on what turns your partner on (romantic relationship only), what they need from you to feel safe, connected and to communicate openly 

  • The different ways you affect each other in your relationship  



** You will need to provide the following details for the Astrology readings - date, time and location of birth for you and your partner ** 

$222 for 1 hour

transits analysis

Explore what is happening in your chart and what themes are playing out for you at the moment and the next 6 months. 


The Transits Analysis will provide:  

  • Insight and clarity on what is happening in your life right now 

  • Insight on challenging/motivating aspects, cycles and timeframes  

  • What is being asked of you during these cycles 

  • Interactive discussion and suggestions how to best navigate these transits  

$180 for 1 hour 

$299 for 2 hours + reiki session (in person only)


Explore yourself deeper and who you are at your core - a journey of self-discovery.  


The Birth Chart Analysis will provide: 

  • Insight on different aspects of yourself  

  • How you relate emotionally, mentally and physically and spiritually 

  • Your behaviours, patterns and thought processes 

  • Different aspects of your life (life purpose, relationships, family and career) 


** This reading is also available for learning about your children and how to best support and parent your child through understanding them ** 

$180 for 1 hour (zoom available)
$299 for 2 hours + reiki session (in person only)


A 7-week transformational journey into becoming the ultimate magnetic feminine.

In this community experience you will learn to embody true surrender, letting go and invite more ease, effortlessness and flow into your life.


You will learn how to cultivate deeper trust within yourself, release controlling behaviour and embody more compassion of self and others.



Week 1: Connection + Intention Setting  

Week 2: Energy Management & Surrender 

Week 3: Cultivating Trust 

Week 4: Inner Union 

Week 5: The Art of Non-Attachment 

Week 6: Heart-Centred Communication 

Week 7: Activate Your Power & Open to Receive 

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