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Terms & Conditions


Booking a service with Natalie Dimitrievski is your acknowledgement of understanding and acceptance of all Terms and Conditions.  



By using my service, you agree that you have read, understood and acknowledge the below terms and conditions. 


  1. You are 18 years of age or older. 

  1. You are not from a country, state, or province, which may prohibit esoteric content, reports, information, and access to online consultations. 

  1. Natalie Dimitrievski respects the privacy of clients and as such, all services are confidential. 

  1. You acknowledge that all purchases are non-refundable. Purchases can be redeemed through other services that Life in Balance with Natalie offer.  

  1. Your booking will be confirmed by email. It is your respectability to ensure your details are accurate. If there is an error, please advise.  

  1. When cancelling a booking, automatic rescheduling of the booking is not guaranteed and is subject to Natalie Dimitrievski availability.  

  1. You must be on time for your scheduled appointment. Your reading time starts at the scheduled time. If you are late for your appointment for any reason the reading time will be impacted. Meaning the reading ends at the scheduled time and your reading will be shorter than expected due to your delay, as not to impact appointments after yours.  

  1. Appointments can be cancelled and rescheduled but these appointments cannot be transferred to another individual. 

  1. Natalie Dimitrievski does not provide services to remove curses or any effects of other maleficent magic.  

  1. Natalie Dimitrievski is not a fortune teller. A client is responsible for the future they co-create with Spirit. 

  1. With Natalie Dimitrievski prior consent, recording of readings is permitted by the client. Natalie Dimitrievski does not provide a copy of the reading. The client acknowledges that they are responsible for ensuring their laptop devices are plugged in and on charged, in the event their device shuts down and loses their recording.  

  1. You agree that Natalie Dimitrievski may terminate a reading, restrict access to her website, Facebook page and online services or any other services, if it is deemed questions or interaction from you to be inappropriate, offensive, abusive or impeding on another person’s privacy in anyway. 

  1. All readings by Natalie Dimitrievski are for entertainment purposes only and general in nature. Readings may make reference to legal, financial and medical issues but this does not replace the need for professional advice. You MUST seek the services of medical, legal, financial or mental health professionals at all times.  

  1. By engaging in Life in Balance with Natalie services, you acknowledge your personal responsibility and liability for any choices you make as a result of Life in Balance with Natalie services. Natalie Dimitrievski does not assume any responsibility or liability for the choices either directly or indirectly, you make as a consequence of your appointment with Natalie Dimitrievski.  

  1. You agree, before making any life changing decisions to seek the advice services of a professional that is qualified and specialises in the area of your concern. Natalie Dimitrievski is not qualified in a medical field, legal matters or in financial services. 



Payment Service 


For online services:  


  • Bank transfer is accepted 


All payments must be made prior to your appointment and Life in Balance with Natalie must be notified once payment has been made.  



Intuitive Guidance, Soul Coaching & Astrology Courses (Special Disclaimer) 


The provision of these services and programs is intended as a tool to assist clients towards their own ultimate goals. It does in no way replace or is a substitute for professional medical or psychological assistance. Clients who have a medical or psychological disorder or illness must seek professional medical advice. This responsibility falls with the client to disclose and Natalie Dimitrievski to diagnose. 


The role of Natalie Dimitrievski is to assist the client to bring balance into their whole lives and ensure the client is in touch with their own needs on a holistic level - typically the mind, body and spirit.  No assumption of responsibility is made or taken through the provision of Intuitive Guidance, Soul Coaching and Holistic Healing. 


All information supplied by the client is confidential. Information will not be given to third parties in relation to the client or the client’s personal details without the permission of the client, unless Natalie Dimitrievski deems the client to be in a life-threatening situation, in which case the Natalie Dimitrievski is duty bound to report the perceived danger to the appropriate authorities. 




The readings, coaching and courses Life in Balance with Natalie provides are for guidance only. What you decide to do with the information that is given, including any actions you take, is down to your own personal responsibility and choice. All readings, coaching, courses and questions answered should at no time be regarded as legal, medical, financial, psychological or business fact and are subject to your own interpretation and judgement. All readings are for entertainment purposes only. Life in Balance with Natalie services are not a substitute for professional services, and it is advised that you should seek advice from the relevant qualified expert. 

Natalie Dimitrievski is a gifted intuitive and astrologer who is an expert in her field. However, we ask that your reading be undertaken with an open mind and no expectations of an outcome. Natalie Dimitrievski takes no responsibility for your destiny, for the key to this resides within your own heart and the Universe.